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Art Class's

Beginning Drawing with


Drawing is the fundamental starting point for the making of art.  Whether you are new to art-making or an accomplished artist, taking this drawing class can help explore and refine your artistic ability.

Nathaniel will encourage each artist at their level.  With an engaging style he will teach about drawing techniques including, scale, contour, and shading to achieve 3-D drawings.  He will also work with students on observation to help them develop their artists eye.

Each artist will develop at least one show-ready piece to be displayed in our Student Art Show in the gallery April 19-30.

Four week classes are offered for youth and adults:


Grades 6th-12th

Adult 18+

Open Studio

Mon, 5-6 PM  Beginning March 15

Sat, 6-8 PM  Beginning  March 20

Friday  6pm-8pm

Just show up.

A step by step drawing courses teaching how to draw one animal or a person each week.

Foundation skills in observation and illusory drawing techniques.

Bring your own project with an instructor to help out with the project.

$45 per person

$50 per person

$20 per person

*food optional

Sign up now for four weeks of classes, plus participation in our Student Art Show April 19-30. 

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Grades 6th-12th                                                                            Adult 18+

If you have your own supplies, please bring them, if not, the gallery has some that you can use.

Supplies needed:

Drawing pad- 8X10, 81/2X11, or 11X14

Number 2 or artists grade pencil

Crayola or artists grade colored pencils (12 pack)

Staedtler Mars Plastic or kneaded eraser

       *no pink erasers