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We like support our local artist and those who have been in and out the gallery. We know times are hard now even for artist. With events limited and art shows so little there is more an out reach that is needed. Here art are the artist that gallery like to show support.

 He enjoy working in pen and ink and acrylic landscapes, for twenty years his creative energy has mainly focused on pyrography – burning images onto wood with specially heated tools.

Her country style oil and acrylic paintings have been featured in "Ranch and Country" also in the Oil Painters of America show in Carmel, California. She is recognized in Central Oregon for her paintings of animals and is often commissioned to capture a favorite pet on canvas.

Geronimo has been working on new techniques of sculpting hide, trying different types of imagery but always finds himself returning to Neo-Native art he does so well.   When drawing, he uses no models or visual props. 

His art stems from the visions he holds in his mind derived from the old stories he has heard growing up from his Father and Grandparents and from being raised with traditional Navajo values.


Nathaniel is freelance artist and owns Boopher Arts Studio in addition to The 3rd Easel Gallery.  He does paintings, portrait drawings, shows, classes and demonstrations.  His focus is portrait drawings by using graphite and colored pencils.

Beauty from Ashes   

with Paul Toews Art Gone Wild Studio 

Tributes to the “Canyon Strong” individuals affected by the 2020 wildfires. You buy any Paul's art pieces or buy posters and prints are still
available at $10 each minimum and
any amount above is a chance
to give to the Santiam Canyon
wildfire’s fund

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